Transitional Living Program

Our Transitional living program is a residential service specifically designed to serve youth 14 years old or older for whom transitional living services or treatment goals include basic life skills training towards independent living.  A transitional living program allows opportunities for youth to start early to build a strong foundation of life skills and community connections.
The transitional living program has a comprehensive life skills training program for youth that develops competency in the following areas:

  • Health and general safety.
  • Money management, budget planning, and knowledge of available financial resources.
  • Use of local transportation resources.
  • Accessing local community resources.
  • Child health and safety, child development, and parenting skills, if the youth is a parent of a child living with them.

Other areas of life skills training  include:

  • Encouraging the youth to participate in community life and to form interpersonal relationships/friendships outside of the transitional living programs, such as community team sports, extracurricular activities and after-school employment.
  • Consumer education such as meal planning, meal preparation, grocery shopping,  apartment searches, and setting up utilities.
  • Career planning and enrolling in higher education or a vocational/technical training program.
  • Assisting in accessing medical and dental care, therapy, mental health services, legal resources, and emergency assistance.
  • Problem-solving, stress management, and establishing short and long term goals towards establishing independence.